Our aim is to provide tuition money to those children who want to go to school but have no hope of raising the $500-$800 needed for one year’s room, board and tuition. Donations to UCCEF are 100% tax deductible and our only expense is the salary that we pay our worker in the field.

We in this country have so much and most of us don't need any more material things. At Christmas and Channukah several of our supporters give a gift of money to UCCEF in the names of those to whom they would ordinarily give presents. Two faithful supporters asked the people attending their birthday parties to give a gift of money to UCCEF instead of birthday presents.


This is the most personal, committed and potentially rewarding contribution. It will require up to six years of commitment and has the possibility of establishing a relationship with the child. The sponsor will receive an accounting of the money received, periodic updates on the recipient’s progress in school, correspondence from the student and photographs.

As stated above, the tuition requirements are surprisingly small by Western standards. The cost per year for room, board, supplies and tuition is between $500-$800 per child. Since we take no compensation for our work or our operating expenses 100% of the sponsor's money goes directly to the child's education.


This money will go into the general fund from which we pay the salary of Anena Irene, our assistant in Gulu whose work we describe in the section The Story of UCCEF. A painless way of contributing would be to have an automatic $10, $20, $50 payment to us directly from the donor's bank account. The small amount would not be felt by most of us in the privileged West and would go a long way in helping a very needy and unspeakably-abused child.